With a wealth of information at your fingertips online with a simple click, it can be difficult to differentiate between factual and false statements. Listed below are a few myth busters regarding some common hair hacks.


Regular Hair Trimming


Unfortunately, trimming your hair regularly will not increase hair growth. It will, however, help to prevent split ends. Without an abundance of split ends, your hair will take on a healthier, fuller look. Regular trims are beneficial by preventing upward travel to the root shaft, allowing hairstyles to grow out perfectly and eliminating unruly hair. 


Shampoo Hair Daily


Stripping hair of beneficial oil can leave it lacking luster. Your body will compensate for the lost sebum produced naturally, resulting in a surplus. You can also cause the scalp to dry out, creating dandruff and skin irritation. Today, co-wash is becoming a popular alternative. Instead of using shampoo and then conditioner, they use a single product that cleanses, moisturizes, and hydrates hair follicles in one easy step. 


Eliminate Gray Hair by Plucking


Finding gray hair and removing it isn’t going to prevent more from coming. In fact, you’ll have a new one replacing the one you just plucked. In most cases, removing a long gray hair will enhance the look of gray hair with the new one remaining prominent, close to the scalp. Some people who repeat this practice often end up with less hair growth and a noticeable balding. If gray hair bothers you, visit your hair salon for coloring.


Switching Up Hair Care Products Improves Results


The goal of every person is to have healthy hair with a pH balance. Changing hair shampoos often won’t give you the results you desire. In fact, it can actually be counterproductive. Many people believe that by switching shampoos they will promote healthy hair. The truth is that it can actually make matters worse. A lack of moisture can lead to a dry, irritated scalp and brittle hair prone to breakage. However, there are instances where change benefits your hair such as color treatments, perms, and frequent use of hot styling tools.


African-Americans Have Stronger Hair


Coarse hair gives the appearance of thickness and strength. Unfortunately, textured hair can be fragile due to uplifted cuticles. This can lead to a false sense of security and thinking that using hot styling tools often won’t harm the hair. As a result, you will end up with brittle, dry hair that is prone to breakage. 


Natural Oils will Benefit Hair


This is a popular myth that simply isn’t true. Raw foods such as honey, avocado and coconut oil aren’t able to penetrate your hair shaft to absorb the natural ingredients and produce long-term benefits. However, when these same ingredients come from formulated professional products, the results are achievable. These household food items are also difficult to remove completely, leaving hair sticky and heavy. 


Bubbles are a Sign of a Working Product


Shampoos that produce an abundance of bubbles aren’t going to cleanse hair better. In fact, more bubbles result from harsh ingredients like sulfates that can actually strip away nutrients and essential oils. 


Repairing Split Ends


Sadly, there is no miraculous treatment to restore split ends. Once the hair splits, it’s permanent. That’s why it’s so important to use products that promote healthier hair, limit the use of hot styling tools when possible, and visit your stylist every four to six weeks for a trimming. 


Using Silicones


In recent times, people are leaning towards products free of silicone. They believe that they weigh their hair down. However, silicone in shampoos can enhance shine and add moisture, keeping hair hydrated, and preventing the appearance of frizz.  

Common hair hacks are ever-present on the web. The information you find may not always be true.  Maintaining beautiful, healthy hair comes from proper care and nutrition.