The BAM violin case is a must-have for any serious violin player searching for the coolest method to protect and preserve their instrument. We’re going to dissect why this bad guy is a must-have for any serious musician. You’ll know why BAM is a legit investment to consider.

BAM-tastic Features

Let’s start by discussing the BAM-tastic elements that really make this case stand out. It is constructed like a tank and has a very durable exterior that can withstand a lot of stress without damaging your priceless violin. Drop-proof, waterproof, and almost unbreakable, the polypropylene copolymer shell and military-grade aluminum frame make this possible. This is resilient enough to survive some pretty rough treatment.

But it’s not just about brawn; the BAM violin case has some serious style too. What makes us excited is that you’ll also be stylin’ while you’re protecting, thanks to the sleek design and amazing color options, including midnight black, fire engine red, and ocean blue. Put an end to sporting that outmoded, boring case that makes you appear completely unattractive.

Not to mention the ergonomic design that makes carrying your equipment a joy. Featuring an arched shell that fits snuggly on your back and distributes weight evenly for optimal comfort, the BAM violin case has incredibly comfortable carrying straps. So, bid farewell to back strain and welcome to a smooth sailing experience.

Essential Components

Not only does the BAM case look great, but it also has insane functionality! Your cheap violin will be cradled in luxury cushioning inside, much like a newborn. So, stop worrying about scrapes and cracks. Take a look at these wonderful features:

  • A soft, quilted inside lining to protect your violin from hard knocks.
  • There are several spaces to store all of your violin’s additional parts, tuners, rosin, and other accessories.
  • A designated pocket for notes and sheet music, so you’re ready for any performance.
  • A detachable humidity control pack to preserve the finest quality of wood on your violin.

Speaking of accessories, the BAM has some really cool stuff included. We’re talking about a killer humidity control system that maintains the best possible condition for your violin regardless of the weather. In addition, you get a stylish music stand and a few other fantastic extras that will make your violin-playing pals jealous, such as:

  • An integrated humidifier to maintain the correct humidity levels inside the casing
  • A chic and well-made transparent music pouch that attaches to the case makes getting to your sheets easier
  • Excellent bow spinners for maintaining and organizing your bows
  • Easy-to-remove shoulder straps for comfortable, hands-free carrying

The BAM violin case contains everything a violin slayer needs to keep their gear on point, all neatly packaged into one new case.


The attention to detail is what actually makes the BAM unique. This item is made with the serious musician in mind in every nook and corner. The BAM has you covered with its ergonomic carrying mechanism that makes hauling your equipment a breeze and its low-profile design that makes it simple to tuck away in small spaces.

We’ve used a lot of violin cases in the past, but the BAM is truly exceptional. This case is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their violin safe and secure —regardless of experience level.