As much as we might not like to think about it, the summer is definitely disappearing fast, and autumn is on its way. For fashion enthusiasts, this is an exciting time of year as the new trends will be coming out and can be seen on runways up and down the country and even farther afield. 

You don’t have to be a ‘fashionista’ to enjoy the latest trends, of course. Although the runway is full of over the top clothing, standard stores will happily cater to less extreme trends, and you should be able to find something that you love that really works for the autumn season. If you’re wondering what you should be looking out for, here are a few ideas. 


Since we’re talking about autumn styles, we will need to mention some kind of outerwear. The weather will be changing and becoming much cooler, and a coat or jacket might be your first thought. 

If you want to stay on trend for the autumn season, however, what you should be looking for is a cape. There are many different varieties of cape available, so it will depend on how daring you want to be with your look. The more oversized the cape is the more fashion forward it is looking, but it can also be cumbersome and restrict your arms, so it could be worth searching for a good middle ground. 

Asymmetrical Neckline 

Fashion is often about matching and balancing, but this coming autumn, things are different: it’s all about asymmetry. Clothes that fall off one shoulder can be a great look if you are confident wearing them and comfortable in the outfit. 

From cardigans and sweaters to shirts to dresses, this look can be part of every item in your wardrobe. Even skirts and dresses can be asymmetrical, so if you love this trend, now is the time to really get into it and look at updating your wardrobe. 

Dark Florals 

When you think of floral patterns you will probably imagine bright colors such as yellow and pink, but that’s not quite where the autumn styles are going to be heading. Florals are definitely in, but they won’t be bright and bold. Instead they will be darker, more understated, even muted. 

Although the idea may not sound that exciting, these patterns can look stunning, especially when paired with some brighter accessories. In fact, these muted florals could be something you can wear time and again as they will have a certain classical appearance. 

Lots Of Leather 

Leather can seem rather scary for those who don’t wear it often, and although it will be a big trend this autumn, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. If it’s not, don’t worry, as there are plenty of other fashion trends you can follow. 

For those who do love the look and feel of leather and feel comfortable wearing it, there will be plenty to choose from. Leather jackets have always been in style, but this year you can add a leather trench coat to your wardrobe along with leather dresses and skirts.