buildings in Boston

Boston is a great city to visit. It’s the perfect mix between old and new (one of the oldest cities in the US). Old as in you can visit Paul Revere’s house, and new as in you can grab a slice of pizza right after. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a wicked good time in Beantown.

Everything is a One-way

If you ever make the decision to drive in Boston, know that it’s not the best idea. The roads make no sense and the Bostonians who surround you will teach you words you never knew existed. My suggestion get a T-pass (public transport pass for the subway and buses). It is better for everyone.

Take a Swan Boat Ride

Does it sound stupid? Yes. Is it the most fun you will ever have? Yes. The Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden are long boats powered by a swan, and by a swan I mean a kid sitting behind a swan cut out biking his heart out.

Avoid Hotels

Hotels in Boston are expensive and impersonal. To get the true Boston experience get a vacation rental. They are cheaper and the owner knows the area so they can suggest things to do. Take a look at these Massachusetts vacation rentals to get thinking.

Cross the River

Cambridge is like Boston’s slightly cooler cousin. There are tons of shops, great restaurants, and ivy league schools. Before you take your trip, see if any bands you like are playing in Cambridge, you’d be surprised who plays there (The Middle East is a popular indie venue).

Get your Sports On

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Boston is pretty good at sports. No matter what season it is, you can probably see a sports team that has recently won something. So go see the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Bruins, or the Boston Cricket Club.

Have you been to Boston? What would you recommend doing?