Have you ever considered what is the most relaxing place in your house? The most common answer will be the bedroom but think again! Let me tell you, the most relaxing place is your bathroom. 

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom on a daily basis, whether it’s a long relaxing bath or a quick shower in the morning to be on time for your work. Hence, there’s no denying that the bathroom is the first place you think about when you enter your home. 

But imagine coming home tired at home and seeing issues with your bathroom like leaky pipes, clogged drainage, smelly water, and all of this can be a nightmare for anyone unless you are a plumber.

However, there are few problems that you can handle by yourself but if things get out of hand, then immediately call a plumber for help. 

5 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs a Plumber

When it comes to the bathroom don’t take the risk because if you try mending the problems by yourself instead of calling a professional then you might worsen the situation further. 

Your bathroom will give you signs and without any delay, you should look out for the problem before you find your bathroom filled with water or smell and upgrade accordingly. 

Here are 5 signs that your bathroom needs a plumber:

  • Abnormal Water Pressure

If you find the water that is running out from your shower and faucets comparatively low then you must be having water pressure issues within your bathroom system. There could be few reasons for that including:

  • Corrosion 

With time the pipelines can get corroded and this results in the reduction of their inner diameter, which is a sign that you should get your pipelines checked by a plumber. The pipelines can get corrosive due to water quality or if your plumbing system is too old. 

  • Clogging of Pipelines 

Another reason can be that the water pipeline got clogged somewhere and is restraining the water from running. Don’t look out for the junk yourself, call a professional because they know how the system works and which part could have potential junk in it. 

  • Leaks in the Pipe

The pipes can get torn out and result in leaking which can reduce the water pressure. This can be a serious problem because you don’t know where the leak is and it can stimulate the mildew in your bathroom or in the worst case it the pipelines get totally damaged and the next thing you encounter is your house filled with water. 

  • Reduced Water Quality

If you encounter colored water with a foul smell or the water tastes a bit differently then the quality of your water has been compromised and it’s all because of some faults within your bathroom system. 

If you see that the color of your water is a bit brownish or yellow and has a bad smell then even after cleaning the reason behind this is the pipelines got severely corroded and it’s time to change them. In this case, the water gets very high with iron content. 

One of the reasons can be that your water heater got faulty. If you haven’t serviced your water heater timely or if you have an old water heater then the rods within them get corroded. 

These rods contaminate the water with corrosive substances and some bacteria too that can affect your health. 

  • Knocking Pipes

If you notice that there is some weird sound that is coming from your pipeline or the faucets then in that case you have a knocking pipes problem. The noise can be constant or it is stimulated when you open the faucets in the bathroom. 

The most common reason for having knocking pipes can be the change in water pressure from the main supply line. Knocking-in pipes can lead to leaky pipelines, a sudden outburst of water, damage to the whole water supply system in your house

Another reason can be faulty valves, maybe with time the valves got damaged and now work abnormally. If that’s the case then you should immediately call a plumber to ask for the best replacements such as Dombor valves solutions

  • Leakage

If you see that the water still trickles down after you close the tap, showers, or valves then this is the case of leakage. Leakage is one of the most common problems that occurs not just in bathrooms but in the kitchen, lawn, etc. 

There can be many reasons for the leakage, few of them:

  • Old pipeline or faucets
  • Worn/torn out pipes
  • Corrosion with the pipes
  • A poorly constructed pipeline system 

If there’s no visible leakage and you see a puddle within your bathroom every time you enter then there is some hidden leakage in the pipeline. 

Leakage can cause damage to the bathroom floors and walls and if you didn’t pay heed to the matter on time and the situation gets worse, then chances are you might have to renovate the whole bathroom. 

  • Drainage

If you are daily tackling the clogging and there’s a slow drainage problem in your bathroom and you tried the basic methods to unclog then the problem is a severe one. 

It can mean that your pipe must have broken down and poured excessive water into the drain. However, this might seem a little problem at first but if it becomes constant then it is time for you to get it checked by a plumber. 


You might not see the bathroom problems as severe ones but they can be disastrous if left unattended and can disrupt your day-to-day routine

If you see a problem and it doesn’t get resolved then immediately contact the problem. The above-mentioned 5 problems are the basic ones but there can be other problems too.