In 2020, traveling was made impossible thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As things continue to improve in 2021, and we keep adjusting to the new normal, flights have resumed again, and tourism is somewhat back in business. While it’ll still take a while before you can visit every corner of the world once again, you can still visit a few countries where the situation with COVID has somewhat been kept under control. Among them, here are 6 travel destinations that are completely (or almost completely) safe to visit.

#1 New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that managed to tackle COVID-19 cases in a quick and organized manner. Their efforts to flatten the curve and limit fatalities caused by the disease have earned them a lot of praise from countries all over the world. And these efforts haven’t gone in vain. People in New Zealand are now roaming freely across their country, attending live sporting events, going on vacations, and so on. Things are going well over there.

If you’ve been vaccinated and can provide a certificate that confirms that you’re not COVID-19 positive, you can visit New Zealand for your summer trip. However, since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, it’ll be winter there while countries in the northern hemisphere, like the UK and USA, experience summer. It’ll be cold with some chilly winds, and temperatures can drop as low as -10°C (14°F). So prepare yourself accordingly for the trip.

#2 Australia

Since the start of 2021, Australia is averaging less than 15 new COVID-19 cases every day. That’s one of the lowest infection rates in the world right now, and the country has done a lot to make this happen. Just like their neighbors, Australia has also put in a lot of organized planning and efforts to flatten their curve. The result of all this is that the country is now almost free of COVID cases.

Traveling to Australia can be a thrilling experience right now. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to natural tourist spots. Like New Zealand, Australia too will experience winter when you’re out to spend your summer vacation. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the hot weather conditions that people usually fear while traveling to Australia.

#3 Israel

Since mid-2020, Israel banned foreign travelers from entering its borders. However, over the last few months, the country has seen a lot of progress in its fight against COVID. With vaccination efforts going on in full swing, the country is planning to open its doors to foreign tourists by summer. Visitors will be asked to show proof of their COVID negative test results, as well as their vaccination report. 

Israel is quite hot during the summer season. Tel Aviv will be humid during this time of the year. Jerusalem’s weather, on the other hand, tends to stay dryer and cooler compared to other parts of Israel. Despite the warm weather conditions, you’ll still be able to enjoy the country’s rich cultural heritage, and its holy and historic sites. 

#4 Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country to visit. It has all the amenities and luxuries of modern life, as well as some amazing natural tourist spots for visitors to explore. Although tourism in Singapore can be a bit pricey, it’s still worth it.

Since the start of 2021, Singapore has averaged less than 25 new COVID cases daily. It’s one of the lowest in the world and the rate is decreasing day by day. Singapore is open to tourists as long as they’ve proof that they’re not COVID-19 positive.

Summer is also the ideal time to visit Singapore. You can visit the local zoo, safari park, as well as Universal Studios. Each tourist spot you visit will likely have its own COVID guidelines (along with the general ones). So be sure to check those out before you plan your visit.

#5 The Maldives

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has a lot of island and beach resorts that are perfect for you to stay in. The Maldives is an iconic location, especially if you’re going for your honeymoon. You can spend hours hanging out on the beaches and enjoying some quality time in the water.

The Maldives is open to tourists from all over the world. As long as you can show proof of a COVID negative test result, you’ll be allowed entry into the country.

While visiting these places, make sure you’re abiding by all the health and safety instructions imposed by the local government of each country. Wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and maintain social distancing at all times.