Does the thought of sitting at the same desk for the next year make you bite your lip and gaze longingly out the window? Do you watch planes fly overhead and wish you were on board, heading to your next adventure?

If so, have you ever thought about traveling regularly? Because you may be the perfect person for one of these travel business ideas.

1. Blogger/Writer/Photographer

Travel blogs, magazines, and newspapers. These are the quintessential travel businesses. And they all need content producers! If you’ve got a degree in Photojournalism, English, or Communications and want to see the world, this option may be for you.

Working for magazines like National Geographic or learning how to become a freelance writer are two ways you can get started. You can also go out on your own and start a new travel blog or photography business. Just remember that it can take a while for your momentum to build as people discover your content.

2. Cruise Professional

Another great way to visit new places is by working on a cruise ship. If you have a knack for performing or a background in culinary or customer service skills, why not apply?

Cruise-liners often stop in different ports to let their passengers explore. Then they head back out to sea. If you’re working on board, you could get to explore these places, too! Just make sure you’re not prone to sea-sickness.

3. Trip Planner

Working as a trip planner at a travel agency gives you a great excuse to see the world. Because how could you suggest amazing locations to your clients if you haven’t traveled yourself? Working as a trip planner or travel agent could allow you to explore countless new places.

If you’re good with details and are friendly and organized, then look into work opportunities at your nearby travel agencies. If you decide to start your own travel agency service, check out resources like to help you manage the financial components.

4. Destination Wedding Planner

Love weddings? Have a great eye for detail and the latest trends? Working as a destination wedding planner could be your ticket to seeing the world.

Wedding planners make sure every single element of a bride and groom’s big day goes off without a hitch. That means they often attend the wedding! Market yourself toward couples who are planning on traveling for their nuptials, and you’ll be able to scratch that traveling itch.

5. DIY

If none of these ideas pique your interest, why not start a travel business yourself? Is there one place you’ve always wanted to live in? Start your own bed and breakfast there. Or move to your favorite national park and work as a park ranger.

If you want to help other people explore the best parts of your favorite city, join an existing tour guide company or start your own! There are plenty of options available to you. You just have to apply your creativity and passion toward figuring it out.

More Travel Business Ideas

More than ever, businesses are connected across the globe, giving you far more opportunities to work for companies in new places. Whether you step out on your own as a freelancer or find a travel company to be part of, we hope these tips help you fulfill your wanderlust.

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