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The Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City – Juarez!

beautiful historic architecture in Mexico City

Like other neighborhoods in transition, Colonia (or neighborhood) Juarez (not to be confused with Ciudad Juarez) has a very diverse personality that is hard to characterize. Juarez is home to the Zona Rosa – the business and cultural hub of Mexico City’s LGBTTI community, and also to “Little Seoul,” the heart of the city’s growing Korean population. The people who live, work and play here represent the broadest cross-section of Mexico City’s population – wealthy and poor, hip and traditional, local and foreigner. Sex shops and high-end hotels can be found within steps of each other, as can pizza joints…

Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City – Condesa!

best neighborhood in Mexico City

The Condesa neighborhood combines some of the best features of Roma Norte and Polanco.   Like Polanco, Condesa is beautiful to look at with its tree-lined streets and parks, art-deco architecture, high-end bars, designer stores and boutique hotels. But, Condesa definitely shares a cool vibe with Roma Norte – its cafes, bookstores, galleries and shops attract the young professionals, students and artists who live and play in Condesa. This split personality can be linked to the fact that after decades of decline the area has been gentrified since the late 90s. There is a lot to see and do in this…