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Prueba la genial aplicación UberEats en la Ciudad de México con mi exclusivo código de promoción!

For English version, click here: UberEats in Mexico City Desde que Uber llego a México, ha ido creciendo a pasos agigantados – la última innovación en el servicio es la llegada de UberEats. Aun no esta habilitada en todas partes, pero estoy muy feliz de poder decir que ¡ya puedes usar UberEats en la Ciudad de México! Como muchas ciudades, la Ciudad de México tiene muchas opciones de entrega – pero definitivamente no todas son creadas igual. Para locales, nuevos ex patriotas o visitantes a la ciudad, ordenar comida puede ser una tarea muy estresante. Puede ser que no tengas…

Try Awesome UberEats in Mexico City With My Exclusive Coupon Code!

Para version Espanol, haz click aqui: UberEats en la Ciudad de Mexico Since Uber came to Mexico, it has been growing by leaps and bounds – Uber’s latest service innovation is the introduction of UberEats. It isn’t available everywhere yet, but I am happy to say that you can now use UberEats in Mexico City! Like most cities, Mexico City has lots of delivery options – but they definitely are not all created equal. For new expats or visitors to the city, ordering food can be a fairly stressful undertaking. You might not have any idea of what restaurant options…

Mexico City’s Coolest Neighborhood: Roma Norte!

mural in mexico city

Post updated in October, 2016 When it comes to Mexico City, there are a lot of preconceptions and false truths. If you ask someone what they know or think about it, you’ll probably get, “dangerous, dirty, crowded”. While I myself had many doubts the first time I decided to go to Mexico City, I couldn’t have been more wrong and my initial trip was a completely eye opening experience. Mexico City is massive, and like any massive city, it has less desirable areas to visit…just like any city for that matter. Cities don’t operate without a strata of people in different…

Why the Food Is Simply Another Reason to Love Niagara Falls

When most people think of Niagara Falls, their mind serves up images of honeymooners, the deafening roar of millions of gallons of water and that time Superman saved that little boy when he fell over the rail. In short, Niagara Falls brings to mind Niagara Falls. But the town and region offer locals and visitors much more than just one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders. Slowly and methodically, talented chefs in the Niagara area have been curating and cultivating some of the most enjoyable cuisine that money or breeding can buy, and the best of it is local…

America’s Favorite Food: Bacon!

Almost every American I know (who eats meat that is) loves bacon, included this one. So when I saw this bacon quiz, I thought I’d share it see how well everyone else knows bacon (I only got a 60%!  

Top 5 Best Restaurants in San Sebastian for foodies!

gourmet food in San Sebastian

Most of us love indulging in a few edible treats while on holiday, but for the keen foodie this generally becomes the major focus of your entire break. So, if you’re a food lover and fancy finding some of the best dining experiences in the world, just where should you go? I think it’s pretty hard to beat the Spanish coastal city of San Sebastian, which is in the Basque region – a place famous for its wonderful produce and exceptionally skilled chefs. For the ultimate luxury break, head here with a cruise from Harwich in 2013 – offered by Fred…

Pubs vs Bars: What’s the Difference?

If you’re visiting the UK from overseas, you’ll be forgiven for assuming that a pub and a bar are much the same sort of establishment, since both are social places that serve alcohol. However, there are a few fundamental differences to bear in mind, especially if you’re looking for the perfect place for a spot of refreshment British style. With over 4,500 in the UK capital alone, why not try one out for yourself on your next London hotel break? Short for ‘public house’, your more traditional pub tends to be a focal point for the community, and if you’re…

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