When it comes to moving to Puerto Rico, you’ll have to consider a lot of details. One of the most challenging is transporting your vehicle.

There are a few options to get your car from the continental United States to Puerto Rico. These include ride-on/ride-off (RORO) and container shipping.


Many factors influence the reliability of auto transport, but the most important factor is how a company handles problems that may arise during transport. A transportation company needs the knowledge, experience, and communication skills necessary to resolve issues that arise during transport, or else they should not be used.

During Puerto Rico to Texas auto transport, it must arrive in the same condition it was received. This includes the condition of the vehicle’s body, engine, and tires.

Several options for transporting vehicles across the ocean include RORO, Roll-on, Roll-off, and Containerized Car Shipping. Each method has its pros and cons, so choosing the one that will work best for your vehicle and your needs is important.


There are some options when it comes to shipping a car from Puerto Rico to Texas. One of the more cost-effective is to ship it by container, which is a great way to transport several cars without breaking the bank. However, the best way to move your prized possession is with the help of a professional auto transporter.

In all honesty, the most important thing to remember when choosing a Puerto Rico to Texas auto transport is safety first, and a bit of research will go a long way towards helping you pick the right company for your needs. This means reading your contract’s fine print and researching the company in the local paper. A good way to do this is to ask for references or referrals from satisfied customers.

Customer Service

Regarding vehicle shipping, the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has you covered. The three largest ports on the island are home to some of the most seasoned auto transport professionals in the business. There’s a reason why this is a popular port of call among car lovers – it’s one of the few that still trumps the rest of the US in terms of service, quality, and overall experience. When it comes to the transport of your prized possession, a little research is done to ensure that you’re maximizing your time and money as well as the quality of your cargo. You can’t afford to cut corners here. A little attention to detail will go a long way toward ensuring that you and your cargo are happy in the new digs.


If you’re a Puerto Rican relocating to the mainland, you’ll likely need your car shipped. Thankfully, several transportation options are available to ship cars and other vehicles overseas.

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO): This is the most popular shipping method and remains the safest way to move your vehicle internationally. It uses cranes to lift your vehicle onto the ship.

Container: A more specialized solution to transporting vehicles, container shipping involves reserving a space inside a 40-foot container for your vehicle. Typically, four vehicles will share the same container, which cuts down on costs.

You’ll also need to ensure your vehicle has a legible Vehicle Identification Number. This is necessary for registration and should be done before shipping your vehicle.

In addition to the cost of overseas car transport, some taxes and duties must be paid. These vary depending on the type of car you’re transporting and your location.