When you live in Orlando, Fla., pest infestations are a common occurrence. The year-round warm weather makes it easier for insects, wildlife and rodents to survive, leading to a larger population of pests. You might think that amateur pest control is okay, but it is risky in a variety of ways. If you have wildlife in your home, bate for instance, you need a bat removal specialist. Here are several reasons why you should never let an amateur do pest removal on your home.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 1: Exposure to Poisonous Chemicals

Professional exterminators use safe chemicals to eliminate the pests at a residential property. This can prevent problems from respiratory distress or skin contamination. The ready-made products to destroy pests can contain dangerous ingredients that can lead to health problems. Don’t expose your family or your pets to man-made chemicals that can have long-term ramifications for your well-being.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 2: Making the Next Generation of Pests Stronger

If you don’t eliminate all of the pests in a home with a ready-made pesticide product, then the next generation of cockroaches or ants is stronger. The insects that survive an amateur treatment are more resistant to the chemicals that are used for pest control. This means that it is more difficult to get rid of the next generation of pests.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 3: Bites or Stings from Pests

In Florida, it is possible to have unusual wildlife pests, including snakes or lizards, and these reptiles can bite you, leading to significant health issues. A mammal that bites or scratches you can transmit the rabies virus, and this condition can sometimes be lethal. Bees and wasps can sting you when an entire hive is threatened, causing major pain. However, an exterminator understands how to get rid of all types of pests in a safe manner, ensuring that you aren’t injured.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 4: Burns on the Skin from Heat Treatments

Bedbugs are becoming a major pest in this region, leading to itchy rashes on the skin. First, the application of sprays is not recommended to eliminate these pests. You need a heat treatment from an exterminator who understands how to block the doors and windows in a home before heating the house to a certain temperature. Avoid renting or buying heating devices for eliminating these insects because it can lead to burns on the skin.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 5: Transmission of Insect-borne Diseases

There are several types of insect-borne diseases that you can contract when you are trying to exterminate pests on your own. Mosquitoes transmit yellow fever, but a tick can transmit Lyme disease. Cockroaches are covered in bacteria that can make you have nausea, diarrhea or vomiting. When an exterminator visits your home, the expert wears protective gear to avoid any contamination from insects.

Amateur Pest Control Risk 6: Damage to Your Home

If your Florida home has termites, then you need professional treatments right away to eliminate the adult insects and the nests that contain eggs. It is impossible for you to tent your home to destroy all of the wood-chewing termites, but a pest control company has the equipment required for performing this task. This type of extermination can protect the stability of your home by getting rid of the insects that will create tunnels in the cellulose materials of a house.

Call Professional Pest Control

Avoid any risks from amateur pest control by calling the pros today. Pest control professionals are the best way to eliminate a variety of vermin from your home, including rodents, bedbugs and cockroaches. When you suspect that you have any type of pests in your home, contact professionals right away before you are contaminated with bacteria and before the vermin damage your home.