You’ve spent a few wonderful months with your family on your dream vacation seeing some of the most incredible sights the world has to offer. You’re looking forward to getting home and relaxing in your own bed. But when you pull in the garage, you realize it just doesn’t feel right. Something is…off. 


You make your way into your home only to find that everything you value from the big screen TV to the wonderfully fine art for sale that you just purchased has been taken by intruders while you were away. 


This is a scene that plays out many, many times daily across America. So, what can you do to keep it from happening to you? You can’t not go on vacation, can you? Below you can find a few simple tips for protecting your home while you’re away on vacation. 


Ask Someone to Keep an Eye on Things


One of the fastest ways to protect your home is to be a good neighbor yourself. When you move into a neighborhood take the time to get to know the neighbors. Once you do, they’ll be willing to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. 


Be willing to return the favor when they go away on vacation as well. 


Get a House Sitter


If you’re okay with having someone else living in your home while you’re away, then getting a house sitter is a great way to protect your home from intruders. You don’t have to hire someone that you don’t know if that’s something you’re not comfortable with, though there are agencies that do just that. Instead, pay one of your relatives or close friends to come live at your house while you’re gone. 


Install Timers on Your Electronics 


A house that sits dark for a week or longer is a sure sign to intruders that the house is empty. Installing timers on your electronics will help it look like someone is home. Install timers on your lights and your TVs so that they’ll come on at certain times of the day and night for the best results. 


Have a Security System Installed 


Another way to protect your home while you’re away is by having a security system installed before you leave. The alarm will be sounded if someone breaks into your home, which will alert the neighbors and the security service you use to get someone to your home right away. Installing CCTV camera is also beneficial especially in the blind spots of your premises. This will also help you monitor your property anytime and wherever you may be. Many times, just the sign in the yard that says you have a security system intact will be enough to keep intruders away from your home as well. 


Stop Your Mail and Newspaper Delivery


There’s nothing that says your house is vacant more than newspapers piling up on the porch or an overflowing mailbox. Take the time to stop your mail, package, and newspaper delivery before you leave. 


Once you’re home, you can go pick up your mail and packages and have delivery started once again. You can also ask your neighbors to look out for any mail or packages as well. 


Leave Your Blinds Open


While everything in you probably tells you to close your blinds and curtains good and tight before you leave, if that’s not what you normally do, then leave them open. Possible intruders will pick up on this change in routine and realize you’re not home. 


These are a few of the best ways to protect your home from intruders when you’re away on vacation. This way, you can worry about having a good time while your home is safe and sound behind you.