The Philippines have risen in popularity in the past decade because of their amazing nature and cheap prices. They have around 7 thousand islands that are easy to travel to and most of the local people speak English. This makes it a perfect tourist destination but they have their own culture you should know about.

Make sure you find a reputable hotel that isn’t too expensive because most of the things you will need are cheap. It’s a very affordable place but people have some concerns because of COVID. Always check if anything changes before you plan your trip because reservations can be canceled.

Start With Manila

Manila is probably the only urban part of the Philippines that you will see before you take a few adventures. It’s not a very large city so it may be very beneficial to rent a vehicle instead of paying for buses. If your license isn’t in English or from an Asian country, you will need an International drivers license for Philippines.

Some of the most popular places to see in Manila are Fort Santiago and Casa Manila or visit their museum to learn about their origins. They also have large clubs like Revel or Valkyrie and SM Mall. If you would want to travel by car, it will cost you around $50 to get a permit.

Puerto Princesa

Most of the tourists love what nature has to offer in the Philippines, for example, the capital of Palawan. You will only need a couple of days to see these beautiful locations but you will need to the international airport. It’s also a great place if you are looking to party, have a nice meal, and buy a few things.

One thing that makes it unique and accessible is the underground river in Sabang protected by UNESCO. It spans 60km or 37 miles and you would want to start from there instead of from Puerto because it will be more expensive. The best time to go will be between April and June so you can avoid heavy rains and the dry season.

El Nido

If you want to get to one of the most amazing locations on earth, you will need to travel 420 km from Manila to Heaven on Earth also known as El Nido. The beaches are surrounded by large rocks and you’ll have calm, clear water where you can see the bottom.

The only downside is that you won’t need a lot of time to explore it but it can be a perfect location for a short trip. What makes it even more interesting are the secret beaches and lagoons. There are also multiple caves and rock formations. If you go deeper into the island, you will find waterfall and hiking trails.

This is the best location to visit if you love fantastic beaches and you can also rent a kayak and check the whole surrounding. There are guides that will help you out if you need them meaning it’s a well-preserved place.