A few seconds of a piano focus were enough to keep most of Olivia Rodrigo´s fans on their heels, since in an unannounced teaser, she has revealed a “work in progress” album that might be released this year. In a clear stroke of notes, this short Instagram video has attracted more attention in the musical scene than many other attempts by other great musicians, as it´s widely spread that this sort of “mystery presentations tend to create the perfect atmosphere for a great release.

As a brilliant piece of advertising, in the most genuine of ways, Olivia Rodrigo has managed to generate a great expectative in her new album, and as she expressed last year: “I really, truly couldn’t be more grateful and I’m so excited for next year, and all of the new things and new music that 2023 will bring. So I’m sending so much love your way and thank you again!” Even when this type of statements aren´t particularly uncommon for many musicians, in the case of Rodrigo this meant a new album.

In commemoration of what is considered her “coming to scene” single called “Driver´s License”, she launched this story on Instagram on Jan 8th, exactly two years after that song was released. Together with the great producer of her first album, Dan Nigro, se showed herself really happy what they were listening to, as a great sign that she is really enjoying recording these songs. And the audience is more than happy, as she is amongst those artists chosen when looking for music for video templates for social media. 

And as in many parts of life, this was taken as a great sign by her fans, since they believe that she will inevitably release a very polished album. Something similar to what Beyonce did with “Renaissance”, an album that took her a few years to complete, but that made the top of the charts in no time. But above all, these kind of albums are some sort of “healing power”, that help many of these artists to turn to a much better side of their music, composing songs that come from the heart, and that is solid gold in times like these.

On the road for Sour

Most of 2022 Olivia Rodrigo was on the road promoting her so far only album, since many fans expected to see her live in many locations of the United States, but also abroad. But along her great repertory of songs, she used the occasion to show her musical skills performing songs like Natalie Imbruglia´s “Torn”, “Just a Girl” of No Doubt and “Seether” of Veruca Salt.

This was a great surprise for some fans, but for those that follow her early career as an actress, know what her capacities are and knew that she could perform in such ways. In fact, it won´t be strange if she uses this opportunity (of a new album), to expand on her impressive voice and great musical knowledge, despite her young age.

She was also in stage with Billy Joel to play great anthems like “Déjà vu” and “Uptown Girl”, in no other that the great Madison Square Garden. “I’m going to bring up a young musician, she’s a triple Grammy winner. She won the Billboard 2022 Woman of the Year award. She’s got the American Music Award. She’s got all kinds of awards. She’s very talented. I like her music, and so do my kids. She’s very talented. Please say hello to Olivia Rodrigo.” Joel said referring to this great artist.

When will her new album arrive?

The ETA of this new set of songs is still unknown, but many in the musical arena guess that it might be landing for this year´s summer, since it´s one of the greatest times in the year to launch singles or even albums. People enjoy going out and great hits, two things that truly combine in Olivia Rodrigo´s career, since her single Driver´s License climbed fast to the top of the charts in no time, and broke many records on Spotify, celebrating the birth of a prominent musician that is in the very start of her life.

There´s little in her way now, she is set to be one of those memorable songwriters, with many albums to come. Let´s all hope that this spirit in her, of taking the time to produce and launch something polished and fans worthy keeps with her for the rest of her career. The truth is that what she has shown in 2022 lets many people believe that far from staying at home resting, she will continue to create what is now her passion: music.

As it happened right before launching Sour, she will probably launch some singles before publishing the entire record. It´s quite likely that as she did with Driver´s License, Deja Vu and Good 4 U, she will “tease” the audience with her hits to eventually launch the full album later this year. Perhaps those theories of catchy and hit songs will disembark at the start of the summer, with the full album not coming to streaming services until later in the year, only time will tell.