What if you could access a part of your brain that lets you focus without side tracking? What if you could feel motivated throughout your working day or sit through a six-hour long seminar without your thoughts wandering? Modern medicine has become so evolved, there are medications available that can help you cope with sleepiness in a safe way.

Our brain is a complex organ of nerve endings and neurons. It is the starting point of all our thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences. The human brain isn’t fully understood by scientists and neurologists, yet. There have been numerous studies on the functioning of the human brain, especially on how to be able to use it in its full capacity.

Throughout the centuries, scientists have experimented with different medications to achieve brain hacking. Modafinil is one of the most effective drugs used to promote wakefulness in the brain. Checking an online modafinil guide can explain the side effects, usage, and importance of this medication very well.

I want to go into the theme of brain hacking and how Modafinil achieves this interesting concept.

What Is Modafinil?

The US FDA invented a medication named Provigil, more commonly known as Modafinil, in 1986. The drug was first experimented with on patients who suffered from Narcolepsy (a neurological disorder that affects sleeping patterns). It was later discovered that Modafinil enhances focus, alertness, and wakefulness in users.

Therefore, it changed from being an experimental drug for Narcolepsy sufferers to a medication used for many other disorders. These disorders included extreme sleepiness that is caused by someone who does shift work, has sleep apnea, or has abnormal sleeping patterns.

The drug can only be prescribed by a licensed physician. After further studies it has been discovered that this smart drug also enhances cognitive function without being addictive. You can read more about it here: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-16962/modafinil-oral/details

What Is Brain Hacking?

To have a better idea of how your brain works you can compare it to a computer. That’s right, similar to a computer, your brain has a storage of many memories and files. It needs to be shut down and restarted to be refreshed and work properly. Whenever your brain is overloaded with too many open programs it goes into overdrive and overheats.

A brain that is overworked, under too much stress, or is constantly doing problem solving – crashes. When a brain crashes it loses memory, decreases focus and the overall mental well-being is affected. The general term for this crashing is called ‘burn-out’.

In most cases you can’t afford to have a burnt-out brain as you need to keep on working to achieve a deadline, study for exams, or be present in a long-term goal. To help you access your mind’s full capacity during days of little sleep, you can use Modafinil in order to hack into your brain.


When you hack into your brain you use techniques or other technologies to zoom into your mental state. Whenever function levels and cognitive processes are influenced by an external factor it is referred to as brain hacking.

Basically, what you are doing is just going into a part of your brain that isn’t functioning at its optimal state. To be able to focus at work, keep on studying, or cope in hardworking moments, you can use an additional mechanism.

To learn more about brain hacking techniques that doesn’t use smart drugs follow this link.


Modafinil is an extremely safe prescription drug that allows your brain to reach its full potential. The fact that Modafinil isn’t an addictive prescription drug gives you the control to use it as you see fit or where you feel necessary.

After 30 minutes of consuming the pill its function will start to kick in. It is known to increase the use of brain memory. Many students find themselves reading pages of a textbook and after 3 pages, they can’t remember anything of what they’ve just read. In this moment, our brain’s go into a state of auto pilot – you are reading, but your brain isn’t taking in any information.

Modafinil increases alertness and the ability to function at optimum efficiency. Especially for individuals who have night shift work or struggle with sleeplessness, it gives your brain the ability to feel awake even if you haven’t slept really well.

To help with the cranky feeling an individual gets because of a lack of sleep, Modafinil increases dopamine levels. High dopamine levels help the user to feel more motivated and overall content.

Smart drugs are safely designed to help enhance your brain’s usage and function. In the same way we take medication for our internal organs or apply lotion to rashes, we can use a pill to heal and restore our brain’s normal function.

When your mind isn’t functioning to its full capacity, a wakefulness enhancer like Modafinil is an excellent non-addictive drug that can be used for brain hacking.