Casual Outfit

When it comes to the working week, dress down Friday is the day we’re all looking forward to. Not only is the weekend just around the corner, but you get to come into work wearing more comfortable clothing than you’d typically wear Monday to Thursday. If you tend to dress up in a pant suit, skirt or dress with heels when you’re at work, a dress down Friday can be the perfect way to end the working week on a comfortable note.

And, offices are becoming more and more relaxed these days when it comes to dress code; you may even be lucky enough to work for an employer who gives you plenty of leeway when it comes to what you’re wearing for the office, as long as you don’t look sloppy. A relaxed dress code in the office, whether it’s every day or just on Fridays, definitely leads to a more chilled out vibe that makes the workplace a nicer and more comfortable place to be for everybody. So, whether you want to make a good impression with your casual outfits every day of the week, or just on Fridays, here are some outfit must-haves to add to your wardrobe.

1. Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans are the perfect base for any casual office outfit. When you need to look a little smarter, a pair of black skinnies with a blouse, blazer and a nice pair of heels or flats can do the trick nicely. For those more relaxed days at the office, traditional blue denim will go with just about anything that you want to pair them with, or if your office is really comfortable with clothing, ripped-knee jeans are a trendy and comfortable option paired with a t-shirt, blouse, or sweater.

2. Dresses:

For many modern and upcoming offices today, the days of stiff, boring pencil dresses are long gone and it’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear cuter fashion items to work. Even if you’re expected to dress in formal wear during the week, a more relaxed, fashionable dress for a dress down Friday can be a great choice if you want to look smart yet comfortable. Tea dresses are a great choice; they look amazing paired with ankle boots, small heels, ballet flats or even a pair of white sneakers.

3. Shirts and T-Shirts:

A casual t-shirt or relaxed shirt can be a great alternative to stiff shirts and formal blouses for a dress-down workday. They’re comfortable and easy for you to wear all day, but can be smart enough to still make a great impression on your boss or any visitors to the office who you may be working with. Pair with black trousers or skinny jeans for a smarter look, or if you are going for as causal a look as possible, consider wide-leg pants, blue jeans, or even a casual skirt.

4. Sneakers:

When you’re used to wearing heels all week for work, the opportunity to come in wearing a pair of comfortable shoes on a Friday can be just what your feet need. Even if you spend a lot of the working day sat at your desk, the unnatural position of your feet in heels can still take a toll on your body. Sneakers are an ideal option for casual dress code days in your office; they can still look quite smart depending on what you choose to wear them with, and will keep your feet comfortable and supported all day long – ideal for if you are on your feet a lot going to and from meetings. Balenciaga sneakers are a trendy, comfortable choice for your dress down Friday; they’re one of the biggest names in footwear fashion right now and versatile enough to pair with almost any causal office outfit that you choose. Check out the great range available here at SSENSE now!

5. Finish with Accessories:

Last but not least, the right accessories can give even the most basic of casual office outfits a little bit more life and help you make a great first impression at work. A plain t-shirt and skinny jeans, for example, can be jazzed up with a statement belt or an interesting necklace, or keep things simple and classy with a silver necklace and bracelet set that can be easily paired with almost anything you decide to wear. A bag, of course, is an office essential – a structured bag can add a little bit more formality to a casual outfit when needed, or if you need plenty of space to bring in your laptops, files and everything else, an oversized bag or slouchy leather backpack will help finish your outfit off nicely while providing the convenience that you need for an easy day at work.

What do you wear for casual and dress down days at your office? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.