The personality traits of a Capricorn can make this sign seem cold, but it’s actually quite adept in the emotional realm. Underneath the steely exterior of the sea-goat is a surprising intensity that can sweep partners off their feet. Capricorns are ambitious in every part of life, including the realm of love, and that dedication may pay off this year.

What Makes Capricorn So Ambitious?

Capricorns are known as social climbers. The sure-footedness of their goat half lets them scale mountains that seem impassable. What drives this zodiac sign to such heights? It all comes down to its ruling planet and elemental characteristics.

Under Saturn’s Influence

Saturn is the Roman god of death and ruler of the underworld. While this may seem grim, the planet governs more neutral realms:

  • Time
  • Work
  • Order
  • Discipline

Aware of their limited time, Capricorns value structure and measure their worth in productivity.

On Solid Ground

Earth signs are grounded in reality and more concerned with impacting the here-and-now than dwelling on the past or fantasizing about the future. They’re also not overly worried about the spiritual realm; instead, they want to make the physical world a better place. As a result, all earth signs have a “builder” mentality, and Capricorns use that to achieve success.

What Does a Capricorn’s Love Life Look Like?

Capricorn doesn’t let others into its inner world easily. However, its confidence and decisiveness mean that it makes commitments quickly. Partners with water and fire signs may feel like Capricorns give off mixed signals since they’re not outwardly passionate, but make no mistake — this sign is capable of legendary love affairs.


While Capricorns enjoy pleasure, they’re not into relationships just for sex. For this earth sign, emotional connection, as illustrated by its fish half, is paramount to a happy partnership. In other words, the sea-goat doesn’t date for fun — it’s looking for a partner, ideally someone just as competent as it is.

Displays of Affection

Don’t expect a Capricorn to hold your hand in public, kiss you goodbye or say “I love you” unless it’s a special occasion. This earth sign holds back and tends to take for granted that partners know how much it cares. However, as the seat-goat gradually relaxes its defenses, you’ll discover a child-like side that loves to giggle, play pranks and share affection.


As a combination of earthy goat and watery fish, Capricorn is highly compatible with the related signs:

  • Virgo
  • Pisces
  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Cancer
  • Other Capricorns

Capricorn’s surprising flexibility means it can bond with the remaining zodiac, but it takes more work.

A Year To Look Forward to for Capricorn

According to the Capricorn yearly horoscope, individuals born under this earth sign are in for many surprises. The planets’ movements prompt the sea-goat to explore untested paths. If you’ve been stuck in your comfort zone, now is the time to take chances.

Capricorn traits may sometimes make this sign seem inflexible, but this is the year for personal growth in that area. Anyone born under the sea-goat constellation should welcome new ideas and make an effort to try new things. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded with good fortune.