Melbourne has charm, but it’s well known that it also has extremely unpredictable weather. So, if you are planning a trip there make sure to have a couple of rain safe options up your sleeve. Fortunately, there are a lot of good options.


Melbourne Museum

If you are keen to learn about Australia’s history and culture, this is a great choice. Immerse yourself in social history, Indigenous culture, science and the environment.

Immigration Museum

Australia’s culture and diversity can be accredited to its vast history of immigration. Step inside and discover the many stories of Australian immigration through voices, images and memorabilia.


An interactive museum where you can discover the mysteries of the universe or your body! This option is a great choice if you have kids because there is plenty that will keep both the kids and adults entertained.

SeaLife Melbourne Aquarium

A great aquarium with a lot on display, but the best part are the informative talks that occur throughout the day. Keep an eye out for for these as they are a great way for you to learn about life under the sea as well the environment and importance of preservation is on sea life.

National Sports Museum

Are you into sports? Melbourne is Australia’s sporting capital and this museum is a great way to dive into that aspect of the country. Whether its AFL, cricket, the Olympics, or tennis you want to learn more about, this is the place for you.

National Gallery of Victoria

Also known as the NGV, this is Australia’s oldest, largest and most visited art museum. And for a good reason, it is home to works of art by maestros such as Picasso and Rembrandt. There are tours that occur throughout the day which are great for both art experts and those new to the scene.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Unknown to many, Gaol is an old way of spelling ‘Jail’. The Old Melbourne Gaol was constructed in the mid 1800’s and was the holding place for some of Australia’s most notorious criminals including Ned Kelly and Squizzy Taylor. A visit to the Gaol is an experience you will remember, wander through the cells, learn about the justice system from the past, and join a tour to learn about the life and death of convicted criminals. This is a top choice!

Australian Centre for Moving Image

Prepare to be immersed in a world of film, video games and TV, digital culture and art. ACM offers a visual feast that is guaranteed to entertain the whole family.

Queen Victoria Market

Fortunately, most of this famous Melbourne market is undercover! This iconic attraction offers a variety of food, fashion and general merchandise so prepare to eat, shop and explore your way through this site.

Bounce Inc

And now for something completely different and fun for the whole family, Bounce Inc is an indoor trampoline park where you can bounce off walls or take on their adventure challenge course. Kids will absolutely love this and who knows, you may have more fun than you expect!

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Showcasing a wide range of local and international art, you could go as far as to say that the ACCA is leading Australia’s Contemporary Art scene, so if you’re an art lover this is the place for you. Even the building it is housed inside is an interesting piece of architecture.

Plan your Visit

We got help from Traveloris and their locals to create this shortlist. So, if you want to create the perfect itinerary, check out Traveloris for all the best attractions.