In a life where we are constantly faced with multiple decisions, we must make better choices. Making intelligent decisions remarkably translates into your life quality. If you wish to improve the quality of your decisions, dig deeper to gain some insights.

1. Meditating and Practicing Mindfulness

Through your journey of making better decisions, you’ll soon discover that mental clarity is a powerful determinant in your choice quality. In the modern setting, most people fail to lie in the present moment.

We are constantly puzzling about the future or reliving past experiences. All this information being processed by your brain may affect your decision-making. Meditating will primarily help declutter your mind. Remember, a quiet mind thinks and comprehends more efficiently. A good practice is meditating after you work out to attune your mind to your physical.

Practicing mindfulness during meditation, primarily through breathwork, will also increase your attention span. With this information not popular among many, Australian firms like the Meditation Association of Australia and Mindful Meditation Australia have taken it upon themselves to enlighten the masses.

2. Playing Games

Technology has also aided the smart decision-making journey. Currently, gaming has transcended from becoming a mere entertainment tool to an educational platform that can broadly impact gamers’ lives.

With over 81% of the Aussie population identifying as gamers, these frolics can be a game changer. Gaming, however, exposes players to multiple factors essential in decision-making. For instance, players might be tempted to go all in when playing at an online casino based on their risk management strategy. The debate on how much to wager helps sharpen your decision-making.

Quite often, when making a decision, we consult those around us. Therefore, how you select a any game can be based on the opinion of other players by reading reviews. Aussies can now easily access the best reviews of online casinos to learn more about the top-rated sites and tips for selecting a casino from reviews. At the end of the day, the more opinions you gather, the higher your final decision will address your gaming concerns.

3. Proper Information Gathering

Before making any decision, having adequate knowledge on the subject smoothens the process. The first benefit you’ll reap from sourcing in-depth details is clarity and understanding. You can better comprehend most situations and maneuver your choices efficiently with the correct data.

However, be careful not to fall prey to analysis paralysis. Dont procrastinate deciding on the account of sourcing info.

4. Risk Assessment

Before making any decision, you must consider the risks associated with your choice. Every decision bears some degree of risk, even if it is correct. Risk assessment, the process of analyzing, identifying, and evaluating potential occurrences, is helpful during decision-making.

Risk assessment places you in a better position to understand your odds and what you stand to lose. This feature is evident in multiple sectors, from business to finance. Aussie directors like Jeffrey Luckins FCPA, director of audit and assurance of Melbourne-based William Buck, emphasize the importance of understanding risk assessment and tolerance to a business.

5. Consulting

Seeking counsel is a great way to ensure you make smarter decisions. Sometimes, you need to view your alternatives from a different perspective before concluding. Consulting a friend or more versed individual on the subject will open you to multiple thinking avenues.

Turning to another person for help will also challenge your assumptions. Most people, especially those with more experience in the field, will often question your opinions, forcing you to think unorthodoxly. Tackling difficult decisions this way makes it much more straightforward.

You can also consult an agency to assist you in your field of need. In Australia, there are numerous firms like Expert 360 and i3 Australia to assist you.

6. Ethical Measures

Having a moral compass that guides you in your decision-making journey is essential. Sometimes, we get clouded by emotions, which may deter us from making ethical choices. However, if you have a moral blueprint, you have a map to help you maneuver these situations.

Having ethical guidelines ensures consistency in decision-making and, with time, turns them into habits. Most people follow a set of subconscious decisions even without realizing them. You wake up and choose to hold your toothbrush in the right hand while brushing or turn the television on, even when not paying attention.

The same occurs with ethical decision-making. Once you practice it long enough, it becomes second nature. An excellent way to wrap your head around this is to start with the small decisions and build from there.

7. Setting a Time

Another hack to making smarter decisions is the timing and manner in which you go about it. We constantly make decisions throughout the day, from small ones like what to wear to larger ones like where to move. All these choices may result in decision fatigue.

You can choose the morning to make crucial decisions and the evenings to make minor decisions when the fatigue is maximum.


Good decisions improve the quality of our lives. Several activities can aid you, including consulting, meditating, and following ethical guidelines. At the end of the day, SMART decisions should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.