There are sometimes moments in life that take us by surprise and cause issues. None more so, than when it comes to travelling in a car, both short and long distances. So, how can you be prepared, you might find yourself asking. Below, we look at five of the most important tools to always have handy in your boot for when trouble strikes.

Jump Leads

The battery is a common cause for faults within a car. Whether because of a flat battery, freezing temperatures, loose connections or wider problems, it is wise to always carry jump leads. Technology now means that these don’t have to be chunky leads that take up significant space, and which can be stored and accessed with ease. You can get some of the best battery boosters on the market, chargeable by phone, that will fit easily in a boot or even a glove compartment for easier access so there is no excuse for not travelling with one.

Tyre Repair Kit

As the four areas of contact with the surface of the road, the wheels get put through their paces. It is just natural that the more you travel the more wear and tear they are likely to experience. The AA has wheel-related issues as one of its 10 most common recovery responses. For this reason alone, you should always make sure you have everything you need to repair or replace a wheel should they become damaged. This tyre repair kit should include a spare tyre, a jack, a wheel wrench, repair materials and a pressure gauge. 

General Emergency Equipment And Clothing

Emergencies can strike at any time and in any conditions, so it is paramount to have a reflective or high-visibility jacket for other road users to see you if you break down. Added to this, you may have an emergency triangle to make others further aware; this should be placed a short distance from your car, to alert other drivers of the hazard. A torch and gloves should always be to hand so that you can inspect an issue safely, before deciding if you need to call for further help.

A Winch Or Recovery Ropes

For the times where you may not be broken down but find yourself in the tricky spot of being stuck, recovery ropes or a winch are what you will need to hoist your car to safety. If your vehicle is on the larger side this will likely be of even more importance as a swift push may not do the job. There are a range of products on the market that can be stored in the boot or attached to a bumper, meaning you can be on your way again in no time. To find the best winch for your circumstances always consult a specialist seller.

First Aid Kit And Documents

When you are unfortunate enough to have been in an accident it is important you have supplies that can treat potential injuries and keep you safe while help arrives. Most shops will stock all the essentials such as bandages, plasters and anti-bacterial wipes; it is a case of just being stocked up. Keeping copies of your documents nearby will also assist any services like the police should they request them.