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KLM Unboxes Its First New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

KLM Airlines has just received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. If you remember, I featured this amazing new plane a couple years back when it was initially released. The wait times were very long as there was so much demand for the unparalleled new aircraft. The world-renowned airline just produced an “unboxing” video where its actual crew unveils its first Dreamliner. The pilots are seen taking the plastic coverings off their new headsets and the crew walks the cabin highlighting the awesome features like deep-reclining seats, dimming¬†windows and the largest overhead bins in the world for a commercial aircraft. Check…

Your smartphone goes camping: the case for bringing it outdoors

Though vacations can offer you a chance to get away from it all, most people don’t really want to step back from their tech, even if they’re planning a rugged getaway. A whopping 84 percent of people feel that they couldn’t go a single day without their smartphone. Fortunately, there are many compelling reasons to hold on to your device on your next camping trip. It’s great to explore, but if you’re not a wilderness expert you may find yourself amid a forest of unknown sights on your camping trip. This is where the right apps can swoop in and…

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