When choosing a crypto asset for investment, many people make a mistake selecting only large-cap coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins from the top rankings. One of the crucial things in crypto investment is diversification, which means buying both large-cap and small-cap assets. In such a way, you will hedge risks. For example, you add a few small-cap coins along with large assets to your portfolio, and if small-cap assets drop, you lose funds, but at the same time, you receive income from other assets.

The fact is that small-cap assets are more sensitive to market fluctuations. That means they can skyrocket or collapse with equal probability. So use this chance, but be cautious when picking coins.

Examples of Promising Crypto Assets to Invest in

Here are some promising low-cap crypto coins to buy:

Why did we pick these assets? The fact is that low-cap coins have bigger chances for growth during the next market upward trend. Pay attention to those assets issued by large and reliable platforms, for example, WBT.

What Makes WBT so Special, and What is Its Role in Cryptocurrency Trading?

The WBT token was released in the fall of 2022 by a large and credited crypto exchange WhiteBIT. The platform is registered in Estonia and operates in around 200 counties worldwide. Important to note that there are already over 2 million registered users. As the platform expands and grows its user base, it releases its utility token WBT, which can be used in the following ways:

  1. The token can be held on the user’s main balance – owing. The token owners get discounts for takers and market fees in crypto trading.
  2. Blocking tokens – holding. Users may block their WBT tokens and receive additional rewards in the affiliate programs, as well as some number of transactions at zero fees.

The WBT token emission is limited, and the developers burn some assets weekly. It helps keep the token price. The WhiteBIT platform is working on the development of different programs and airdrops where users can take part and receive rewards in WBT tokens.

You can buy this or any other promising crypto asset and trade cryptocurrencies using the WhiteBIT exchange.