Your Story

Well, I can’t do it all by myself!  The World or Bust welcomes submissions for guest posts written or filmed.  Share your amazing experience from the road or your own backyard, Ghandi-like insight on anything travel related, or just something funny you lived to tell about…. Click here to contact me or email directly to


Currently looking for guest posts about:

-Submissions for my “City of the Week” series.  You can share why we should all visit a city you’ve been to that should make all of our bucket lists.

-Submissions for our new series, “Young Entrepreneurs Making Moves”. If you or someone you know is young person doing big things, we want to hear your story!

-Submissions for my “Picture of the Week” series.  Can be anything from amazing architecture, crazy ass bugs you unfortunately encountered in the Amazon to just a cloud that looks like me.  It’s all welcome!

-Cool things to see/do in the UK

-Latin American Countries and Cities



-Something crazy like this Post