When traveling to Maui, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many recreation and leisure options you can choose from. From the ocean to the mountains, you can find adventure from sea level all the way up to more than 10,000 feet. With so many microclimates to explore, it’s hard to know where you want … keep reading


By: Susanne Richards While I usually like to leave my vacations fairly open-ended in terms of activities, I arrived at my dream destination of Maui with a few experiences in mind. At the top of the list was an early-morning trip to the Haleakala summit to watch the famous Maui sunrise! Determined not to miss … keep reading


If you’re looking for a vacation this summer, here are 4 stunning locations to choose from without having to leave the US. Whether you’re looking to laze on beautiful beaches or shop till you drop, these destinations have it all. San Francisco New York, LA and Vegas can often steal a lot of the USA’s … keep reading


The following is a guest post from a college friend of mine, Nick Castaldo. He is a big time surfer and recently went on a trip to the infamous North Shore of Oahu to experience the waves he only could dream about when he was 15, pimpled and had to read Surfer magazine and grudgingly … keep reading


This picture is from the summit of Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii.  Mauna Kea is a volcano, and if measured from its oceanic base, is significantly taller than Mt. Everest!  The summit rises to 13,796 ft but from the sea floor, measures 33,500 ft. The observatories were created in the 1960′s on Mauna … keep reading