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An Area Guide to Paddington


Whenever you stay in any location during a trip you want to know the different places that are going to be around you so you have things to do and places to go. Even if you do not plan to have a lot of free time you may need a place to go for a meal, have a relaxing drink or do some light shopping for souvenirs for family and friends. Traveling to London is no different than going anywhere else in this respect. And since the city is so large and there are different areas to stay in, you…

Reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall


Of all the places to visit in the United Kingdom, few have the allure of Cornwall and Devon. From beaches that will have you thinking you’re in Mediterranean, to lively festivals that blend traditional and modern influences, hanging out in the UK’s most southerly reaches will prove to be vacation time well spent. In the infographic below, check out all the sights and attractions that will give you plenty of reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall… infographic by  

England Outside of London: Five Countryside Spots You Must Head To


If you live outside of the UK, the chances are that when you think of England you think of London – and probably only London. It’s a pretty well-known notion that most people who reside elsewhere – especially America – think England’s, well, a lot smaller than it is. Not to mention that everyone knows the Queen and we all talk like the hotel workers out of Home Alone 2… The fact is, some of us may well have met a member of the Royal family, but it’s highly unlikely. What is also a fact is that there’s plenty more…

Best Places to go Caravanning in England


  You’ve always enjoyed soaking in the beauty that England offers to those that love the outdoors. While that hasn’t changed right up to the present day, your body simply can’t take another season of exposure to the realities of tent camping. By purchasing a comfortable home away from home from The Caravan Companywell in advance of the coming summer, you won’t have to endure the rocky ground, nor risk being soaked by a leaky tent like you have in previous years. If you are wondering about the best places to go caravanning in England, the following three destinations boast…

People in the UK opting for “Staycations”


  Travelodge released a very interesting infographic and report on their blog about a growing trend of people in the UK doing “Staycations” instead of vacations. They say that around 74% of Brits will travel within the UK this year, a number that has jumped 40% in the past four years. This staying within the UK will boost the local economy by 15 billion GBP in 2014! There is also a healthy mix of people heading the to beach, city breaks as well as rural breaks in the countryside. Check out the infographic they produced! This study came from Travelodge …

Day trips from London Not to Miss!

countie in southern England

The United Kingdom has many cultural, historical and natural landmarks. The lakes of Scotland, the castle around England, the coastal views of Northern Ireland, the mountains and waterfalls of Wales… all of these places are worth a visit, and definitely worth a road trip. Most visitors from abroad decide to explore London, Edinburgh and other large cities, missing out on the countryside. If you plan to spend your holidays in the UK, the most optimal option is to book a flight to London. Spend a couple of nights there, and then enjoy one of the many day trips from London…

Why the Lake District Provides Something for Everyone


The Lake District is a truly extraordinary part of the UK, brimming with history and character and home to the kind of grand and majestic scenery that is evocative of New Zealand and other far-flung parts of the world. What’s more, it is a place that caters to many different interests (and many kinds of traveller). We’ve outlined some of the best things to see and do in the Lake District for every kind of holiday maker. Families Families large and small can take their pick of leisure activities and fun days out at the lakes. Nearby attractions such as…

The Best UK Beach Breaks


Although the United Kingdom may not be your initial choice for a beach holiday in the sunshine, there are certainly reasons to to make it one. With idyllic coastlines and stunning scenery, there are a multitude of hot-spots around Britain that holiday makers simply love. Although the UK isn’t fortunate to have the climate of the tropics, it certainly does have some outstandingly beautiful sandy shorelines. Whether you’re a lover of a brisk and windy walk, wrapped up in a cosy jumper or an admirer of a quiet, sheltered bay with vivid turquoise waters, the United Kingdom certainly has something…