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Amazing Okinawa, Japan’s Sub-Tropical Treasure!

beach on Kume island, okinawa

Most people don’t know it, but Japan actually has a few sub-tropical islands south of the main islands and close to Taiwan. They are currently promoting travel to the region and have created some great videos to go along with the effort. Check out the intro one below: Okinawa is known for the amazing food, warm-hearted people, beaches, and wealth of awesome activities to enjoy. But, probably the most inspiring aspect of Okinawa is that it’s a truly magical place, and people who visit can’t help but be their true selves. So, Okinawa has invited a few people from all over the world to come…

Reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall


Of all the places to visit in the United Kingdom, few have the allure of Cornwall and Devon. From beaches that will have you thinking you’re in Mediterranean, to lively festivals that blend traditional and modern influences, hanging out in the UK’s most southerly reaches will prove to be vacation time well spent. In the infographic below, check out all the sights and attractions that will give you plenty of reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall… infographic by  

Don’t Miss Puerto Rico This Summer!

beach in puerto rico

Ever wanted to visit a tropical island but don’t have a passport? Well, Miami is almost in the Caribbean, but Puerto Rico definitely is, and guess what, it’s part of the USA! They even use the US Dollar as their currency, your cell phone will work and so will your ATM card. You won’t miss a beat! Unless if it’s your first time dancing Salsa that is 😉 Steeped in history, this small island nation offers the best of all words with amazing Spanish colonial architecture and heritage, delicious cuisine, pristine beaches, water sports like surfing and kite boarding, world-class…

Does Boracay, Philippines Live Up to The Hype?

white beach in Boracay, Philippines, Station 2

The most heavily marketed beach destination in The Philippines by both the media and the tourism board is the infamous, Boracay Island. Travel & Leisure even voted it the second-best island destination in the world after another Philippine island, Palawan. I’ve been to the Philippines three times, and every time, I’ve made an excuse to not visit Boracay. “it’s too expensive”, “it’s too commercial”, “it’s going to be like Ibiza”, etc. Well, after being in Manila for a month, I wanted to get away to try and do something new, and Boracay had my eye. I have wanted to learn…

Get Off the Beaten Path in Maui


When traveling to Maui, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many recreation and leisure options you can choose from. From the ocean to the mountains, you can find adventure from sea level all the way up to more than 10,000 feet. With so many microclimates to explore, it’s hard to know where you want to stay and what you want to see while you’re in Maui. While both the southern and northern shores of the island offer unique experiences, you’ll have to determine which will be more to your liking. The south shore of the island is home to…

Top Reasons To Visit Costa Rica!

poas crater, from wikicommons

Here are just some of the top reasons to visit Costa Rica. Whether you’re a backpacker, or seeking luxury vacation travel packages to Costa Rica, there is something for every budget. This article should help you make up your mind! The chocolate. Learn about the history of chocolate and learn how it’s made at the Timbirina Biological Reserve. Day and night tours are available. After the tour, you can sample different kinds of chocolate. The Finca Kobo takes you further to the origins of chocolate by offering tours of their cacao farm. Here you can see a variety of cacao…

Visit The Beautiful Beaches Of Benidorm Spain This Summer

A popular holiday resort in southeast Spain, Benidorm has grown steadily from the 1950s and now caters for a range of holidaymakers all year round. The area is well known for its hotels, beaches and the azure Mediterranean Sea and there are plenty of bars and different options for nightlife. While northern Europe starts to cool down by the end of August, Benidorm enjoys great weather for much longer, so it’s a very popular tourist destination towards the end of the Summer. Many of the locals speak English, being used to doing business with visitors and tourists. You can never…

Cruise The Costa Blanca This Summer


Summer is here in full force, as dismal overcast days have given way to clear blue skies. However, this has come at a cost, as the resultant humidity has made it feel like you could cut the soupy air with a knife. What you need is to get to a beach, so you can spend the sultry days with your body submerged in the cool sea. You would do this in your home country, but the available options are either too crowded, the scene is not great, or you’ve been to them so many times that getting away to these…