Fishing enthusiasts from around the world flock to Florida for the incomparable fishing. If you’re heading down to deep-sea fish in the Sunshine State, grab your phone or camera, because there’s no shortage of Insta-worthy shots to capture on your adventure. Don’t miss these opportunities to capture the immense beauty of the area and net a bunch of likes.

Snap a pic of the boat

The name of the boat is the perfect image to capture for your Instagram account. The quaint, vibrantly painted script captures the personality of your vessel and will remind you of your day on the water. This one is best taken from the dock or shore upon arrival while the boat is moored.

Catch a group shot with all of your new friends

After spending the day on one of Miami’s World Famous Ultimate Fishing Charters, you’re guaranteed to go home with a few new friends. Even if you have a private charter with your best friends, you’ll go home sharing epic memories and stories that you’ll never forget. Make sure you get a picture of your fishing buddies and the captain all together. This shot is best taken at the beginning of the trip while everyone is clean and dry. If you can, wait for a cloud that will block the sun’s direct light and then take your shot. This technique provides better lighting and eliminates squinting and closed eyes.

Take a picture with your biggest catch

Every angler wants a picture of themselves with the catch of the day. This photo is iconic for a reason and is a just reward for all the bait chasing, rigging, casting, and pulling. Look for plenty of light when taking this shot so you can capture all the beautiful hues in the fish scales. Aim to include the water and a bit of land in the background. It’s easier to crop a photo when editing than to miss the rule of thirds and wish you hadn’t.

Shoot a photo of the surrounding landscape

See if you can capture the grandeur of the panoramic views of the surrounding waterways and marshlands as you head to fish in the deep seas near Miami. Make sure you capture a few shots of the birds, stretches of beach, or even the ocean far offshore. The natural beauty of the sunrise and sunset over the immense ocean are stunning photo opportunities.

Get a picture of you reeling in a big fish or at least holding the rod and reel

Make sure your camera is always on hand to capture the excitement of someone reeling in the catch of the day. Whether it’s you or not, as long as you go home with a memorable photo, you can consider it a success.

Selfie of you and your fish with gaping mouths

Whether you intend to release the catch or cook and eat it, you should hold the fish firmly but gently, with two hands. Hold the fish horizontally and try not to cover the fins with your hands, as they provide perspective in the photo. Don’t hold the fish by its jaw and avoid harming the gills or fins.


Taking photos of your deep sea charter takes a bit of skill. You want a reminder of your time on the water and something that captures the joy of your travels. Knowing which pictures you want gives you enough time to plan and not regret missing any opportunities later.

Capture the moments and let your photos tell the story of the day.

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