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How To Get Better Nutrition From A Hotel Breakfast

Travelers often make poor breakfast decisions when they’re on the road. The problem becomes even worse when they have access to a free breakfast that includes a lot of sweet goodies. You don’t have to give in to the temptation of unhealthy food items at your hotel. If you want to learn how to get better nutrition from a hotel breakfast, the following five tips will help you make healthier choices. Choose a Hotel With Healthy Breakfast Options Image via Flickr by basykes Some hotels offer healthier breakfast options than others. A low-cost lodging that advertises its continental breakfast might just put…

Getting High: Tips on Exercising at Altitude!

By Fitness/Wellness Contributor, Josh Cantor Traveling to high altitudes is always something interesting, especially for a South Florida boy like myself. Unfortunately, there are multiple issues to consider that accompany a change in altitude stemming from a decreased concentration of oxygen in the air. This obviously affects a person’s ability to be active, but can bring about serious symptoms such as altitude sickness (nausea, lethargy, feeling uncoordinated) and in severe cases, can even lead to fainting. I wanted to shed some light on how this happens and provide some tips on how to avoid issues when exercising at altitude on your next trip. It is…

How to not gain weight while traveling

People always complain about gaining weight when they travel.  And while I personally don’t think putting on a few pounds on the road is that big a deal, especially if you’re going on a weeklong cruise (you’re supposed to eat whatever you want), there are a few things you can do to not gain weight while traveling. My view is that short term travel (a week to two weeks) is all about indulgence, having fun and not worrying about things like your gym regiment, stringent diet, etc.  You go on short term vacations, because 1. You only get two weeks…

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