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Sponsored Video: adidas Creates #ClaimFreedom Campaign for Adventurers!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling these days is adventure activities, whether it be mountain biking, riding motorcycles, wake boarding or something else semi-extreme, I’m usually game for it. Sure, going to museums, eating at nice restaurants and staying at sexy hotels is enjoyable, but there is nothing like getting out into nature, testing your limits and seeing what you’re made of. So, when I heard about the newest adidas campaign to push individuals to show what their passionate about, I thought it was a good synergy with what The World or Bust stands for. adidas Outdoor has just launched a new…

Getting High: Tips on Exercising at Altitude!

By Fitness/Wellness Contributor, Josh Cantor Traveling to high altitudes is always something interesting, especially for a South Florida boy like myself. Unfortunately, there are multiple issues to consider that accompany a change in altitude stemming from a decreased concentration of oxygen in the air. This obviously affects a person’s ability to be active, but can bring about serious symptoms such as altitude sickness (nausea, lethargy, feeling uncoordinated) and in severe cases, can even lead to fainting. I wanted to shed some light on how this happens and provide some tips on how to avoid issues when exercising at altitude on your next trip. It is…

Golfing in Dubai

golfing in Dubai

Dubai is gaining a reputation as a luxury destination and with this comes the desire for many of its visitors to play golf. Luckily the Emirate is well equipped with world-class courses and welcoming clubhouses. Its reputation for golfing has been further enhanced by the staging of the Desert Classic tournament, which has been held in Dubai since 1989. Even if you are not quite up to the standard of performing in the event you can still enjoy a few rounds of the sport on your next holiday. Read on to find out about some of the golf courses you…

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